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from Sarasota Restaurant Pages Directory

from pages 28 & 29 of the 2018 Florida Restaurant Pages Directory.


from La Cave de Sylvie, 


by the end of the Twelve knocks of Midnight, 

all the Bottles of Wine, 

suddenly and slowly stand up, 

stretching, keeping their necks straight 

to not disturb their precious Hat-Corks . . . !

Mademoiselle Champagne waking up from her long Peaceful sleep, 

shakes her heavy Bottom and . . . woops!

falls down from her perch, 

making a short heavy sound as she hits the floor . . . ?!

All the Bottles turn their necks down and

discover with ravishing Pleasure, 

the Divine Young Beauty, 

sparkling dressed in Gold, 

whispering smiling tiny bubbles 

filling the Air with their magic Dance,

writing on the ceiling of the room, 

as it became the Infinite Sky of the Universe

lit by countless shining Stars




Celebrating a Sans Frontieres

Gratitude. All Over Our Planet Earth

Inspiring Forgiveness, crowned by

Sunny Love swimming in the pure 

Calm Ocean of our Heart . . .

with each Beats of it, 

burning Regrets and, through It’s Red Flammes, 

Liberating Its Unconditional Love for All for Ever. . .

 Sweet,  Divine,  Organic  CHRISTMAS  to ALL of Us 


from Sans Frontières 

at La Cave de Sylvie.

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