Please stop By for a Glass of Truly Organic Wine "of the day". We will have a Rosé, a White
& a Red Wine for $5 per glass. Bring a Friend.
Wednesday-Thursday-Friday 4:30-6:00pm

Sylvie's Wine Importer

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Sylvie has been well known in the Sarasota culinary scene for over 35 years. Her much-loved restaurant, Chez Sylvie, was known as a destination for unconditionally organic, passionately crafted cuisine. Now Sylvie is bringing that same exciting vision to her latest project,

La Cave de Sylvie.

A Letter From Sylvie

Bonjour Mes Amis!  et Bienvenue a La Cave de Sylvie!

I am certain that You will be impressed with the authentic
integrity and quality of our Wines and Champagnes , grown on the
unconditional  BIO ( Organic ) Lands in France, Italie , and some
very few other countries.

The grapes are harvested by hands, then the processing is proudly
done with Respect of the Tradition purely in Love with the
beautifully Health of Mother Nature !

I invite All of You to come and experience "La Cave de Sylvie".

At "La Cave de Sylvie" we help You to get out of the "comfort
zone" in the Commercial Food Industry, to dive and fly in the
intact, pure Treasures of clean Nature __ never in contact with
Chemical  Fertilizers , Pesticides, or Herbicides __ , sharing the
Passion of the dedicated Farmers-Wines Makers.

Georges DUHAMEL, Académie Française, said it so wonderfully:
   "ce qui est plus remarquable encore que cette belle fécondité,
        c'est la continuité de ces hautes vertus dans le temps".
    Translation: "what is even more remarkable than that handsome
                 fertility, is the continuity of those authentic virtues
        through Time".

Well! Those Wines and Champagnes have no competition.
They are unique on the American Market.
Organic with integrity from the Quality of the soil to the
processing and everything in between.
Directly from the Farms to the Customers.
One of the French Wine Makers is the Importer and Distributor.

The Wines arrive in refrigerated containers and are sold only
in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana.


  A Très Bientôt !
Thank You so much for getting in touch.

    At Your Service with Love and Smiling Gratitude,

"La  Cave  de  Sylvie"

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